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Our unrivaled marketing approach has been developed over the course of the last several years as we tailor built a proven strategy, utilized to sell over $100M in new developments for several well known builders and real estate developers. Today, we employ a similar, continuously evolving approach for which we use in marketing the properties of our private seller clients. We recognize the importance of partnering with industry leading photographers, videographers, staging firms, as well as web designers and social media marketing experts to achieve the Lux Home Marketing goals of our clients.


Being heavily involved in the interior design and construction industry, we strive to advise clients on various methods of preparation which will create the most value for sellers. This includes advisory on updating & upgrading, staging, as well as establishing clear strategy as to the strengths of a subject property.

Photography & Videography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, we say a video could be worth a million. Today short videos are more important than ever, especially considering that major social media platforms heavily promote such content. We take pride in individually directing the photographs and marketing videos of our property listings.

Social Media

Our team puts a lot of emphasis on marketing property with the use of social media platforms. Few in the industry truly understand what the algorithms of the major social media platforms look for. We work with expert partners that ensure our marketing not only stands out, but has the largest reach.


Valuing your most important asset takes a lot of analysis and careful consideration. We shy away from the use of any form of generic formula or algorithm to value your property. Instead our team focuses on your home as if it was a piece of fine art rather than a commodity product. We will schedule a home valuation consultation before we attribute a definitive value on our property.

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